1. T

    Help to identify my Hayes Brakes

    These brakes are on my Giant 2001 XTC NRS bike. The rear brake started to loose a significant amount of pressure, and I believe that there is a leak. I would like to rebuild the brake and replace the o-rings but I am not sure which model it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. N

    New Prototype Hayes Brakes?!

    I just got a picture from an inside source....looks like a sneaky cell phone photo. More to come. speculate?
  3. AlCapone

    Strokers lost power.

    My Hayes Stroker Trails just lost power. Both brakes, on the same day. The rear one will barely lock, and the front one is a little worse than the rear. The levers still feel the same. Is it just pad contamination? I tried cleaning the pads and rotors with nail polish remover (what my local bike...
  4. ultraNoob

    Rotor Interchangability

    I'm a definite noob when it comes to hydro brake systems. I just know they work great and help me not crash so often. I'm running Hayes Stroker Trail's on my DH rig with V8 rotors. I get that grumbling noise during a heavy panic stop. Same rotors, but I swapped the brakes out with Hayes...