hd video

  1. TreeSaw

    HD Antennas?

    So I am charged with streamlining our crap and I hate paying a ton for cable when we don't watch it! That being said, we're in the market for a whole house HD Antenna (can power multiple TVs so must have an amplifier) that will work in a rural area. Help me get rid of the excessive cable bill...
  2. RSutton1223

    HD Helmet Cam Footage

    Got a chance to play with my new ContourHD from VholdR at a little local spot. This cam blows my VIO 1.5 and GoPro 5mp away by a large margin. Bike was a Kona Coilair Supreme. Camera was on my head via the goggle mount. I think the surface mount is going to have better results and get rid of...
  3. bikenweed

    Aptos Jump Jam HD video

    Not true HD, but for the internet, it beats the crap outta youtube. http://vimeo.com/1948879 Enjoy.