1. Ridge_Rider

    For Sale Cane Creek Angleset

    Cane Creek Angleset – fits 1.5 headtubes for forks with 1.125-1.5 tapered steer tubes. It allows + or - 1.0 and 1.5 degrees of adjustment using 2 different top cups and a single stationary bottom cup. I used it for about 3 months, the bearings are in excellent (and I'm including 2 new bottom...
  2. Kopff

    Summum headset problem

    Hey, i'm having big trouble fitting the bearings into the cups on my new summum frame. Me and my local mechanic have tryed but the bearing is really really tight fitting and we have to use a bearing pressing tool and a lot of force to get it 1/2 way in, and then the bearing won't turn? Has...
  3. Grisha

    internal headset not the same as integrated headset, right?

    Hey, the title sais about everything, I'm just having a discussion with an onlineshop, because they said the headset I bougth was internal, but it was integrated. When I said that it's the wrong kind of headset, they just answered, that internal and integrated ist the same. I always thought...
  4. MTBXRacing

    Adjustable Headset-Is it worth it?

    I'm replacing the headset in on my 05' Giant Reign 2 (the bike's been rebuilt for FR). It already has a 69.5 degree head angle would the the Crane Creek Angleset offer any advantage or would I be better off with a non-adjustable headset, any opinions? Suggestions for a non-adjustable replacement?
  5. Transcend

    Cane Creek Headset questions

    So I have a Nomad carbon frame (1.5" headtube) sitting here with a Cane Creek XXC II headset. It has the 1 1/8 conversion top cup and a 1.5" lower cup for use with a tapered steer tube for a fox 180 Talas. The 2011 fox stuff is backordered right now, so I'd like to use my older 36 talas on it...
  6. H

    haro escape 8.2 question

    Okay. I finally bought a frame. I have started buying parts for it and run into a problem. I talked to a mechanic one of my LBS's and she said that the headtube needed a 1 1/4" headset with reducers because it was a "wierd headtube". I kinda thought this was bull so I went and looked...
  7. R

    star nut on headset ?

    what does it actually do ? mine broke yesterday (due to me being impatient and overturned it a tad too much) when i was tightening everything up before i went for an average cycle to pass the time.. i basically removed it so all the was holding the forks in were was the stem. I had no problems...