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    Looking for feedback from helmet camera owners on software that finds highlights

    (Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I couldn't find a better section) Hi guys, We recently created a software application that allows helmet camera owners to spend more time reliving their highlights, and less time searching for them. We'd like to get your feedback on what you...
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    Wildbad 2009

    Video from German Championship an IXS Reacerun in Bad Wildbad 2009. Not a bad ride or course. http://vholdr.com/node/37121 FYI i just found out that vholdr is doing another contourhd give away via there facebook. you have to make up a sport and tell them about it or something
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    Different views

    I found this not too long ago. Its most of the big helmet camera makers all mounted the same way and on the same screen. http://vholdr.com/contourhd/videos?vid=7 Good way to see which one you like best
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    Has anyone used the Contour HD

    So far I've loved the camera and wanted to know what other people think. They just had a good writeup on Gizmodo. Here's a sample of the camera http://www.vholdr.com/node/32421