1. JustApply

    For Sale Rockshox Vivid R2C makes weird noise

    I just got a brand new YT Tues Base today but noticed that my Rockshox Vivid R2C makes some sort of bottoming out noise. Is that normal or is it broken? I am really worrying about this. By the way it's extremely loud.
  2. D

    Advice needed - Fox 36 Grip 2 Sag Madness

    Hey gang, I recently purchased a pre-owned 2019 Ibis Ripmo with the Grip 2 Damper on the Fox 36 and man, am I having a Hell of a time... I began by setting up the suspension the same way I always have - starting with the manufacturer recommendations and tweaking from there but after two months...
  3. D

    Help needed to figure out what this bike is.

    So I recently bought a bike at a garage sale for cheap and I’ve never seen this company before so I did a little research and realized it could be a pretty legit bike. It’s a Brooklyn machine works bike with some pretty good parts to it so it doesn’t seem like it’s too bad of a bike. If anyone...
  4. S

    Wanted Road Bike

    New triathlete looking for a beginner road bike I am looking for whatever brand of bike (within reason) to wet my feet with road bikes before I invest in the $1000 plus range.. Thanks!
  5. J

    Fox DHX RC4

    Right, this is my first time on here so if something's wrong just correct me ... I've just purchased a second hand dh bike (a giant reign x0 2009 if I'm correct) and it had an upgraded rear shock on it and it happens to be the fox DHX rc4 spring ... now, I'm 200lbs there or there abouts and I...
  6. davidfitzsimons

    Product Design - Neck braces. Help with my final college project

    Hi lads, Currently doing research for my final year project in university. I'm doing Product Design here in Ireland. The project is based on neck braces and upper body protection for downhill and I would really appreciate if you could fill out this quick (2 minute) survey. Link to survey...
  7. szacsi72

    Avid Juicy 3 pad problems

    Hey guys I have an AVID Juicy 3 at home, but my idiot friend pulled the lever- when it was not on the bike. So the pads touched themself. I need help to fix it! Thanks David
  8. Kalbi777

    Manitou-dorado Questions...

    Hi guys ! I'm new to this forum with seams great so hello to anyone. I bought a new dorado maybe 2-3 months back. when I put my front wheel in the fork and I followed the instructions on how to align the fork legs to prevent internal friction. My wheel is closer to one fork leg. I also realized...
  9. T

    '08 Boxxer Rebound Assembly Help

    Hi guys, I Was pulling my 08 teams apart today but the rebound adjuster would not come out. Eventually the red knob came off the Allen Key thingo which enabled me to take the lowers off. The thing is, now the Allen Key thing is still stuck in the rebound assembly and it wont even turn anymore...