here we go again

  1. F

    Constructive Criticism for Mt. Snow and other mountains

    I raced the Eastern States Cup #5 at Mt. Snow this weekend, and I left the race quite disappointed. My mood at the end of the race was much stronger than just disappointed, and I couldn't wait to get on the internet to electronically bash the mountain at which the race was held. However, I do...
  2. daisycutter

    The big S crashes the 10 speed party

  3. jonnynails

    Best East Coast Race Bike

    What's the best east coast DH bike? Since our trails (at least in the Southeast) are tighter with lots more slow speed turning versus flat out wide open, what do you consider the best right coast bike and why? Evil Revolt Specialized demo 8 Morewood Izimu Trek session 88 Yeti 303RDH...
  4. stinkyboy

    Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt!

    Hurry and go here! :banana: :banana: :banana:
  5. $tinkle

    mccain was wrong: obama will have pre-conditions for meeting w/ iran

    as set by iran, not obama