1. sanjuro

    Sexism against Hillary

    I thought a lot about this, particularly since I used a very derogatory term to describe her in an earlier thread. I never liked Hillary, but being a woman has little to do with it. I didn't care for how she handled the Health Care Plan, the Monica Lewinsky scandal, how she carpetbagged her...
  2. jimmydean

    AP: Obama 'effectively' falcon-punches Clinton.

    Reserving the headline for later. Link
  3. X3pilot

    Hillary needs a loan

    Apparently, after you stay in a race of your own will, even after it's clear you can't win, you simply go make the winner pay...Presidential Welfare??? Full story, some of the comments are interesting..
  4. N8 v2.0

    Hillary -vs- Obama

    Ok, left leaning Monkeys... here's thread to outline your reasons for voting Hillary over Obama or vice versa.. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but I am curious as to reading your reasons.