hippies killed jeebus!

  1. dante

    $200 worth of toys on layaway at K-Mart, WTF?

    So Yahoo News has this charming story about anonymous givers who are paying off complete strangers layaway bills. One of the people interviewed was a nurse named Donna: Now, maybe I'm just "old fashioned", but I can't remember my parents giving me $200 worth of stuff for Christmas...
  2. Toshi

    Toshi's take on Libertarianism

    Just in case any of you were staying up late at night wondering what my take on various Libertarian policy positions as articulated by Ron Paul in Liberty Defined is, here's exactly that: :rofl: http://tinyurl.com/5v6a89c <-- Google Docs link, too long to post here Sample "content" to whet...
  3. Quo Fan

    ~~~Thursday GMT~~~

    Morning monkeys! Again, did nothing at work. There was a dog and pony show, new boss wanted a look at the project. Today I have a meeting with my dad's lawyer with the rest of the family. Be safe out there.
  4. TN

    my 'new' mandolin

    Built in the 1920's, in Chicago. Rebuilt recently by a friend of mine. It sounds great & feels great. I am stoked. I can't wait to learn some bluegrass numbers & some gypsy tunes & some celtic tunes.
  5. TN


    Just ordered a slackline kit & will be stoked when it gets here. I cant remember if it was here on this board but dont a couple of yall slackline? I am not really interested in tricks at the moment, just building balance & core strength. This **** here looks bad ass...
  6. stosh


    Just ordered some Bio Fuel from a local supplier for my heating oil. I'm pretty excited!!!!