1. jonKranked

    ATTN: Crabjoe Stretchpants

    you guys related? http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/02/crabzilla-5-ft-biggest-known-crab-uk.php
  2. Pesqueeb

    Vegitarian *not vegan* recipie request

    For various reasons I will not discuss here (perhaps in P&WN) I happen to believe we, as a people, eat way to much meat. Not looking to eliminate it completely, probably just 1 day a week, but I need more veggie recipes than I have currently. Anybody got any good ones? Were not picky eaters...
  3. Salty_T_Dog


    What does everyone think of the bill http://www.house.gov/frank/hr5843summary.html I am full believer of the benefits from this! If you are I ask you of you to help out and fill one of these out http://capwiz.com/norml2/issues/alert/?alertid=11280301 Thank You, :nopity:
  4. SkaredShtles

    Hooray for digital TV!!

    So I hooked up my new fangled digital TV converter last night. Now instead of getting ~15 stations that come in really crappy I get 6 that come in really clear. :twitch::twitch: And PBS isn't one of them. :disgust: Guess maybe it's time to update my antenna.
  5. Toshi

    the alternative personal transportation thread

    what with gas prices and this being a biking site, bikes being in and of themselves a form of alternative personal transportation, i thought the lounge could use a semi-perennial thread on the same. what this thread is for: discussion and information of ways to get around town or the country...
  6. S


    Well beer has tons of threads, and now cigars have there own thread, so what the hell. How many of you guys smoke pot? Whats your prefered method of smoking? (blun,t joint, bong.. ect) Also anyone know any good recipes with pot?