holy necrothread batman

  1. ultraNoob

    Me thinks I'm smitten...

    Beauty Queen and she knows how to handle a gun... me thinks me likes! :D I present Katrina Hodge
  2. binary visions

    Galapagos trip report: a tale of boobies in the sunshine (40+ pictures)

    So, after working my ass off for three years to get my degree, Jenn presented me with the ultimate graduation present: 12 days in Ecuador, with 8 of them spent on a boat touring the Galapagos Islands. My parents visited the Gapagos when I was 4 years old, and it has been my dream to visit ever...
  3. MikeD


    Somali pirates. US-flag ship. New president looking to show he's tough. Anyone seeing an ass-kicking finally coming around the Gulf of Aden? Only problem is that Somalis (Somali pirates, specifically) simply won't care about it and probably find it validating. It's like punching Tyler Durden.
  4. buma


    Any non-lift freeriding in Colorado, around Boulder/Denver/Golden/etc? Just moved here from around vancouver, bc, and looking for anything besides the XC that seems to dominate the legit scene. Dying here, my ASX is bloody overkill for the rides I've found. I know there are the resorts, but...
  5. fluff

    RM's Biggest Attention Whores

    Inspired by Locogringo's latest odd thread. Who are your nominations for the biggest attention whores on Ridemonkey? Past & present?
  6. drakan

    Happy birthday to ME

    Screw you guys, it's my birthday. To BV; I've now been in the industry for 4 years! Yeah suck on that!
  7. MMike

    One of the cooler things I've seen in a while...(on my way to work)

    No pics....but for the last 3 or so miles of the highway portion of my commute, I saw hundreds (possibly thousands) of geese taking off and organizing themselves into V's, heading south. It was really cool. They'd form mini V's and then merge into larger ones. They just kept appearing from...
  8. bitingback

    Riding and Wild Animals

    OK...so i'm a noob rider, riding every weekend at lake saltonstall in CT...for the most part i'm out there by myself. and as i get deeper into the woods...i always get freaked by the possibility of running into a wild animal and what i would do. has anyone had any experiences or...
  9. manimal

    Work from home?

    my wife's current -at home- job is coming to a close for the season and in march i lose my $1k a month GI-bill money for school.....so we've got to figure out another avenue for income. she could land a customer service type of job at my old work, GMAC ins, but most of her income would go to...
  10. N8 v2.0

    BurlyShirley's "Things Every Man Should Do Before He Dies" List

    Things Every Man Should Do Before He Dies Own a Wookie Han Solo was the coolest guy in the Star Wars universe. Why? Because Darth Vader didn’t have a Wookie. Chewbacca could make Toby McGuire look like a real man. Alternatively; buy a big, mangy, hairy dog and dress him up with an...
  11. MudGrrl

    Man tells women to stop being a btch

    DC Bachelor wants us to know how to get a man.... (this would be all well and good, if getting a man was our main priority...) What's Wrong with you.. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU By Sally (edit.... I thought this was by a guy) A primer for the ladies. I can tell you why you are...
  12. J

    Has anyone left RM because they were hated???

    Besides dh_tahoe, who was really hated, just a pvssy. :D I mean - of all the people that have been bagged on, has anyone left??? This, of course, doesn't count us being sissies and leaving for a day or two to come back. *note - I only came back because this place won't survive...
  13. C

    CChris prepares for Arrival of MMike

    Hey All, As you know, MMike is moving the Family back to where he came from. Maybe the mountains aren't as tall; maybe the riding isn't as crazy; maybe the snow doesn't fall as deep; maybe the roads aren't as smooth; maybe the grocery stores don't have the same variety; maybe the cable TV...
  14. urbanhuckbot

    danzig gets knocked out.

    http://www.azpunk.com/ the official word http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=24462 your new avatar http://www.drunkcyclist.com/images/bull****03/dannyko.gif
  15. B

    This is the last time....

    ...I will post this. All bow down to MJ and Bubbles. Overflowing with disturbing monkey statue RESPECT.
  16. narlus

    have a good weekend everyone...

    we're off to Legoland for a few days. :D
  17. LordOpie

    Should the US play global policeman?