1. CrashMasterAce

    6 Blocks From Home

    Here's a short little video I rode and edited capturing all the obscure and minuscule things that one would always hit when they set off from home. Enjoy!
  2. kazlx

    Finally....a place of my own....excited, yet intimidated...

    Finally took the plunge. I am in the process of purchasing a house and I am scheduled to close at the end of August. Nothing says excitement and mind-numbing tension like buying a house. I have done all kinds of research and still feel unprepared. The house is in Southern California, Anaheim...
  3. Serial Midget

    My new house in Butte Montana

    I've looked at over 50 properties in the last 3 weeks and this is what I have decided on. I made an offer of $125,000.00 (so freaking cheap!!!) on this 830 square foot home built in 1925. It has been gutted and redone with new siding, roof, kitchen, bath, bull-nosed corners and awesome garage...