homoerotic pseudo politix

  1. X3pilot

    GOP: WE SUPPORT (some of) OUR TROOPS!!

    Well, well,well...seems the self proclaimed standard bearers of Troop Support don't really support "all" our Troops... And the killer: Article
  2. $tinkle

    study: lesbians raise smart, social kids

    http://www.torontosun.com/life/2010/06/08/14307581.html so 78 kids is a sufficient sample set for all of lesbianism? where is the equiv gay male study? are the results - if accurate & comprehensive - "better" due to more stringent internal standards by lesbian couples knowing beforehand they...
  3. $tinkle

    mayor sam adams comes out of the closet

    ...he's actually a republican! Oregon mayor admits past relationship with [male] teen you go girl