homoerotic psuedo-sports

  1. golgiaparatus

    NCAA Tourney

    NCAA tournament is going on about a mile from me in the stadium that we are the primary sponsor of. Dude just walked by and was passing out tickets. I may go just for the experience. Not really a huge Bball fan, but I bet it will be fun anyway.
  2. sanjuro

    MMA fans: What is the deal with TapouT?

    I watched a tiny bit of this show, and my only hope is when does the face makeup dude and the big hair guy get their asses beat up by a Mixed Martial Artist?
  3. jimmydean

    Affliction Banned MMA

    Wow, what a steaming pile of suck that was. I liked seeing Arlovski beat the piss out of that dude from IFL, and I don't mind paying to see Tim Silvia get his ass handed to him. But overall that was a lot of suck. Hell, even Dave Mustaine sounded like ass. He still has licks, but his voice...
  4. jimmydean

    Silva knocked the boy out!

    Wow, what a solid right hand (from a south paw no less). Says he will stick with 185, but is open o fights in 205. A great knockout, but sort of disappointing.
  5. sanjuro

    My MMA hero in jail

    I'm sure most of the MMA fans heard about Rampage going to jail for a hit & run and fleeing from the po-lice. I was just waiting for the pictures:
  6. T

    Ufc 86.

    Any updates???
  7. jimmydean

    UFC Newz

    Anderson Silva moving up to 205 on Spike July 19th. Holy crap, that dude is bad ass.