1. dustyyoungblood

    Foes Mixer Trail, I am building one right now

    Been a long long time since I built a new bike up. I choose the Foes Mixer trail for a myriad of reasons, but mostly because I was curious to see how it runs and also because I wanted a USA made Aluminum frame. I need a "do it all bike" For 15-30 mile trail loops, some Socal technical stuff, and...
  2. S

    Who's running the hope m4 Evo brakes and what do you think of them?

    Hi everyone I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on my Zerode. I have had a ride on a few different brakes and I think it's down to the Hope m4 Evo (special edition just because they will look sweet on my black and green rig) I rode them for a day in queenstown bike park and they were sweet...
  3. erikkellison

    Time for new Brakes: Hope? Formula? Magura?

    So, I'm currently rocking the Hope Mono M4's with floating rotors, black CNC calipers, etc etc. I was thinking about rebuilding them but I'm on the fence as to whether they need it. The front feels a little funny, and a bleed may make them feel great, but basically the real truth is that I'm a...
  4. ohio

    D3.1 and Alpine III build notes

    This should probably go in the Mech Forum, but given the components, it's probably more useful here... So last night, I finally got away from work early enough to lace up the new wheelset: D3.1s, Hope Bulbs, DT Alpine IIIs, 16mm brass nipples. They didn't get tensioned for two reasons: 1...