1. B

    Wanted Iron Horse Sunday Rear Axle

    Hello, I'm looking for a rear axle for my 2006 Iron Horse Sunday, does anyone know of a spare for sale or a suitable replacement available to buy? I'm UK based but can order internationally if needed. I've contacted an engineering workshop who can create one for me, but because it is a 1 of 1...
  2. A

    Rear Shocks: What size should I buy.

    Hi, I have an Iron Horse SGS-Pro DH and just blew the rear shock. The shock size is 8.75 x 2.75. When I took it off I noticed that the frame can extend a little over an inch than the shock size that I had. So I'm pretty sure that it can fit at least a 9" shock. But I don't know if that's fine...
  3. BurlyShirley

    Shut up woman, Get on my horse!

    Surely this has been posted... :rofl: I searched I swear. (Warning, Animated Horse Winky) http://shutupwomangetonmyhorse.com/