1. Huck Banzai

    For Sale Hadley DH Hub Set - 36h - Excellent Condition

    2011 Hadley DH 110 x 20 R11.0 36h 2011 Hadley SDH XL 150 x 12 R11.0 36h Hubs are in Excellent condition with only minor spoke marks and cassette body marks. New bearings in front hub.
  2. Grisha

    Mavic Deemax front bearings

    Hey, after a weekend of racing in the craziest mud I've ever experienced, the bearings on my 2010 Deemax front hub have to be replaced. Does anyone know what bearings I need, or where I can find the information? Thanks, Greg
  3. B

    Is the Nuke Proof Radiator rear hub a hub for years? Long-term feedbacks needed

    Hi! I've got the possibility to buy this hub (used but only for a few months). Although price is relatively low, it is significant for my budget and I can only afford it if this hub will live for a long time. So, what're your opinions? Won't it break after one or two years? I'm quite...
  4. Patan-DH

    A new Hub that many will want!

    This is for the new generation 15mm axle forks No brake mounts, the body is 6061 and the cones-spacer 7075. Soon i will have the pricing. Contact me for any further info that you may need now this is the new 20mm version! for all you 15mm detractors! And this are going to be...
  5. R

    Woodman Bill Single Hub

    Hi all - Has anyone got the tech details on the Woodman Bill Single, 36 hole hub; flange distance from centre (left and right) and also the flange diameter (left and right). I've emailed Woodman three times now without joy (guess all on hols). Many thanks in advance.