1. dawsonbikes

    Hub Decision

    So i have a 2009 Ns Capital, i want to get a new front hub i have a rear Eclat and want a front. i have two dilemmas -either a male axle or female axle, i can either get the Simplex or i can get the pulse(which i have in the rear) -i have a 2008 fox 32 talas RLC so i need it to fit in...
  2. -dustin

    Hadley MSRP

    anyone have a current breakdown of Hadley's MSRP? Just looking for QR and 10mm thru-axle prices. Are they still considered a stout hub? Compared to something like a Hope Pro 2 (which I don't really like)? Any other recommendations for a solid set of hubs, rear hub especially? Possibly...
  3. Morryjg

    ...was trials bike now Trials Hubs

    In the trials bike thread we started talking hubs. I started looking for Hadley hubs since they have lots of engagement points and such. I can't find Hadley's web site if there is such a thing to find out info. Does Hadley make a non-disc hub? That's one of the things that is a pain about...