i can haz ebolaz?

  1. Spahman

    truck won't start... need help

    I can't get my nissan 1986 d21 pick up to crank over! It just would randomly do this at first...you go to try and start it up but no go.. then come back a hour later and it would fire right up, but now it won't crank at all.. been stuck at my work for a few days now. All the relays click and...
  2. DirtMcGirk

    TIA: I'm on my way to Africa?

    Just got a call from an old friend down in South Africa. After the 40 minutes of obligatory catching up, taking about the cousins, all of that, he hits me with it. "So bru, I'm putting together a crew to go shoot photos in the Congo. First person I thought of is your crazy ass." I've never...