i hate mmike.

  1. Trailslug46

    Bass players

    My son has an Ibanez SDGR 4-string bass, made in Japan, and the circuit board went out. Can the pickups be wired to bypass the circuit board? Should we just replace the stock set up with an EMG PJ? We've been waiting almost a month for the stock board.
  2. TreeSaw

    Happy Birthday Baboon!!!

    Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday you Baboon... Happy Birthday to you!!! :cheers: Splat -- post up some pics for the man will you?!:weee:
  3. MMike

    Looks inviting, no?

  4. Spahman

    truck won't start... need help

    I can't get my nissan 1986 d21 pick up to crank over! It just would randomly do this at first...you go to try and start it up but no go.. then come back a hour later and it would fire right up, but now it won't crank at all.. been stuck at my work for a few days now. All the relays click and...
  5. MMike

    Ridemonkey....portal to the future

    ...not really a "Support" issue. But for some reason the time stamps on the threads are all like 10 mins ahead of the real time. Like right now, it's 1:13PM according to my fine Swiss timepiece