i hate mmike

  1. Wingnut

    Dragon Flying in China

    Probably a repost, but I don't care, it's worth watching again!! http://player.vimeo.com/video/31481531?autoplay=1
  2. $tinkle

    any FileNet experts?

    how you bitchez been? iso: non-api yet reasonably efficient read-only interrogation of filestores. dev's redbook says jack. same request for cm8 (ibm proprietary schyte) teh google is underhelpful
  3. mantispf2000

    To the parent monkies......

    Disclaimer-- If this thread gives the power-guy-monkies tears, so be it. If not, well, you must not be a dad.............. yet. I was looking back yesterday, recalling many moments with Alaina. And I got to thinking-- when was that precise moment that I was over-whelmed by her love? Sure...
  4. $tinkle

    lacking even a whiff of irony, i put to you this

    http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2010/06/29/my-take-why-christians-are-jerks-online/ so sod off, you brood of liberal faggots especially mmike jerk
  5. N8 v2.0


    Hi Monkeys, Been a busy 18 months while I was in RM's Gitmo, but it wasn't so bad: I sold my home building biz, got a divorce, moved to Albuquerque, got an engineering job working in operational space testing and development, live in a downtown loft, learned to xc ski, went to Sedona to...
  6. MMike

    Middle-aged white guy suburban problems

    I'm so angry I could just....spit! The guy I paid to remove my pool cover and fire up the filter etc basically defeated the whole reason to put the cover on in the first place. When he pulled the cover off, he let all the sh!t and corruption that the cover caught, fall back into the pool...
  7. $tinkle

    are asians funny?

    'It's So Funny': North Korean Comedy Show Is Anything But (VIDEO) obviously, the answer is 'yes'
  8. MMike

    just great

    I'm being imposed upon. So the son of a customer....or potential customer in France is an engineering student. And he needs to do a 3 month stage......sorry "internship" for you american types. So all of a sudden he's my problem. We've just hired 3 new permanent employees, so I've got my...
  9. nauc

    what is TPI and Durometer?

  10. MMike

    I must be a homosexual

    So I admit it. I've been watching "Glee". I had initially been intrigued because it has Jane whatshername from Best in Show and Two and a half men. She's hilarious. Turns out she's not in it that much. The plot to the show is completely ridiculous. But whoever is doing the singing (I...
  11. Brian HCM#1

    Nfl 2009

    Well in a few days the season officially gets under way. It's going to be another rough year in Raiders land. They cut Garcia.:rant: I feel he was their only hope of having an 8-8 season. Russell will be at the helm, I see them winning no more than 5 games................ again. How do you...
  12. loco-gringo

    I am a homo...

    I just saw him online for the first time in a long while, so I think we should all tell him he's gay. Oh...we still hate MMike for you too. :thumb:
  13. MMike

    fixie question: I'm not hip to the jive

    Do fixies have freewheel hubs? Or are they the bikes Kevin Bacon rode in Quicksilver?
  14. MMike

    No findings

    We just completed a 3 day Transport Canada Audit. (Transport Canada being the equivalent of the FAA). They had zero findings. This is good. Nearly unheard of actually. The auditors actually said that in all their years, they've never not had at least one finding against a DAO. Apparently...
  15. TreeSaw

    Happy Birthday Baboon!!!

    Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday you Baboon... Happy Birthday to you!!! :cheers: Splat -- post up some pics for the man will you?!:weee:
  16. Toshi

    Top 25 Bushisms

    via slate and the list:
  17. $tinkle

    hbd joe biden

    he's 66 http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/11/20/obama-brings-biden-birthday-cupcakes-2/
  18. MMike

    One for Toshi - keep gas prices high!

    http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/StrategyLab/Rnd17/P2/TheAmateurJournal20080722.aspx No-one will ever go for it....
  19. N8 v2.0

    Best CO Brews

    Lookin' for Colorado beers.. where should I start? Coors? :p
  20. ire

    Campy 11 Speed!!!!

    I was searching for spy shots and I found this: http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/Campagnolo_launches_11speed_groupsets_article_258884.html