i hate mmike

  1. SDH Racing

    Burned by Chrissie Pinney

    Well as some of you might remember a little while back we posted a rider call in the womens section. We received a request from Chrissie Pinney in CA. After talking it over with the sponsors she was signed onto the team with the expectation that she would ride/race and represent the team for...
  2. James

    First bike you fell in love with?

    It could be something you saw that just ignited that part of your brain, or one you owned. For me it was a Specialized Allez Epic we had hanging at the first bike shop job I had. The one with the lugged carbon tubes, early 90s, just gorgeous. I wanted it so badly. Years later when I was...
  3. bohorec

    Search cloud?

    Is it possible to get rid off the search cloud which suddenly appeared in the top of the screen? And why the hell would anyone search for the dodecahedron on the bike forum?
  4. DRB

    Boonen, worldest faster snorter, er I mean sprinter

    Uh Oh! http://www.cyclingnews.com/news.php?id=news/2008/jun08/jun10news
  5. N8 v2.0

    Countdown to iPhone 2.0

    sydandnancy need not post in this thread... http://money.cnn.com/2008/03/28/magazines/fortune/tech/moritz_iPhone.fortune/index.htm
  6. DRB

    I Hate MMike

    He is a stoopid fish eatin' Canadian that smells funny. GAWD. IDIOT.
  7. Ridemonkey

    The South America Forum is getting shut down.

    And we wil be deleting all the threads. Reasons: 1. We have repeatedly warned certain individuals about the kind of photos they have been psoting yet they insist on pushing the limits. 2. Most of the photos you have posted and/or linked to - YOU DON'T OWN THEM! It's illegal to post...