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    Facebook page celebrating violence toward cyclists

    Howdy, I lurk here from time to time but seldom post. But I thought this may be of interest http://www.facebook.com/pages/Theres-a-perfectly-good-path-right-next-to-the-road-you-stupid-cyclist/190080667052 Pretty disgusting stuff, and I think perhaps it would be a worthwhile use of any...
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    When I first starting working the California bike industry, I noticed my manager, Heath Sherratt, surfing some bike site. Actually our boss criticized him regularly for wasting time on Ridemonkey. Ridemonkey and I were a good match: I worked a lot on computers and I worked a lot on bikes. I...
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    Discussing your team outside the playoffs is stupid

    I noticed a bunch of preseason football threads. This is freaking ridiculous. This isn't the football forum and no one cares about your team, especially with meaningless games the NFL puts on to pad their coffers. I don't mention the teams that I like until it is relevant, i.e. the...