1. szacsi72

    Avid Juicy 3 pad problems

    Hey guys I have an AVID Juicy 3 at home, but my idiot friend pulled the lever- when it was not on the bike. So the pads touched themself. I need help to fix it! Thanks David
  2. W

    Spring rate change by cutting springs??

    Does anyone here know how to calculate the change in spring rate that occurs when you chop a spring? The reason why I ask is that I have a pike 454 dual air U-turn that has felt horrible since day 1, and after dealing with it for 3 years, I want to go coil. I have a couple boxxer springs...
  3. T

    I'm being seud???

    Along with both my parents. Long story short, 2 years ago I was coming home about midnight from helping my girlfriends little brother with his homework, I'm on my way home. See a cop pulling some dude over, miss a red light and T bone the back end of some ladies SUV. She gets out says she's ok...

    Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

    Well, I'm sitting here enjoying a pilsner. Okay, I can not lie. I'm sitting here enjoying a pilsner or two, and .. okay, or three and I'm getting ready to head out and do a little celebrating tonight. :cheers: 12 midnight starts my birthday. And although I wanted to spend "my day" riding in the...
  5. T

    So I let my friend tattoo me in my bedroom

    I have 1 more sitting to go. The face got a little distorted cause of how I had to stretch to take the picture. A good friend of mine did all the shading last night, and some one else did the outline (local shop the guy moved) Not bad for 110$.... He also did this Points to any one knows...