infantile infatuation

  1. MMike

    Bimbo CEO

    Ok....just looking at this photo, what position would you think she (not having looked at the thread title of course) would hold? This is Lynn Tilton the CEO of MD helicopters. She is a total nut-bar princess. She was handing out autographed photos at heli-expo. She thinks that she is...
  2. lovebunny

    oh noes!!! my mom saw my chicks boobies!!!!

    so i have a picture of my girls boobs on my phone as the wallpaper,and im over at my mothers house using her internet, i get a call and set my phone down. my mom looks at my phone and is like what is this?! and picks up my phone. she then starts laughing and telling me how i could offend people...
  3. stoney

    Holy S**T! SEC is talking about banning ALL short Sales

    WSJ report. HOLY ****BALLS! If they do indeed do this, the market will likely be up 1000+ pts tomorrow. NOW is your chance to take some last minute profits before the marekt REALLY falls. I do NOT recommend buying tomorrow, as the prices will be at a premium. If you are already in, take take...
  4. Nick

    If you love your country ...

    :rofl: "show them to me." NSFW http://www.tagtele.com/videos/voir/11924/1/ .
  5. stosh

    Hottest VP canidate ever!!!!!!!

    Sarah Palin Dick Cheney was a close second though. I wonder if she's going to hook someone.
  6. eric strt6

    Now this makes the Olympics worth watching!

    The Beach Vollyball Cheerleaders:banana: http://www.nbcolympics.com/video/player.html?assetid=0815_bvbgirls_ja228&channelcode=sportbv
  7. DRB

    Women's Beach Volleyball...

    might be the best sport EVER! Kerri Walsh should just not stop slapping Misty May's ass.
  8. Serial Midget

    What is your biggest issue with the Olympics?

    Mine is sports bras, I don't like them. :monkey:
  9. X3pilot

    10 hottest Summer Games athletes

    TOp 10 hotties for the Olympics Jennie Fitch and the British cycling chick.....:clapping:
  10. MMike

    I just saw boobs. (sorry no pics)

    So I was just at the grocery store getting lunch. Some chick is wearing a spaghetti strap tank top thing....around her midsection with both boobs out for all to enjoy. It would seem that her baby HAD been nursing, and then fell asleep, (as is their wont). So she's walking around the store...
  11. B

    I hate Coldplay

    But can't stop listening to their new, overproduced, utter crap album. Why? It makes me feel so fuzzies insides :(