1. johnbryanpeters

    Intense Tracer linkage bearing life

    In May of 2015 I bought a 2015 Intense Tracer 275 Alloy Pro. In December of 2015 I took it in for annual servicing, nothing noticeable. In annual servicing December of 2016 it wanted some suspension linkage bearings, so I had them replaced. Last Saturday I rode, noticed some clunking going...
  2. J

    For Sale 2016 Intense Tracer Alloy frame

    I am selling my Wife's Intense Tracer frame. This frame is a small and comes with a Cane Creek Double Barrel Air Il with handle bar remote, Carbon upper link, extra derailluer hanger and Cane Creek Headset. The frame is in great condition and was made in America.
  3. Fonzie18

    For Sale Intense M16 Large

    For Sale! Large Intense M16 aluminum Black Rock Shox Vivid R2C #450 spring Frame is in good shape with the usual scuffs from shuttling. There is a ding near the Bottom Bracket (see photo) Please respond to: Fonse03@gmail.com
  4. Fonzie18

    For Sale 2016 Intense Tracer T275 Aluminum

    2015 Large Intense Tracer T275 Aluminum with Rock Shox Reverb dropper and 2016 NEW foundation build Frame, headset and seatpost were ridden for a few months, the rest of the bike is BRAND NEW. Scuffs and marks on the frame and seatpost (see photo detail) Fork RockShox Pike RC, 27.5” 15QR Thru...
  5. bigbirdie

    For Sale Intense 5.5 EVP large, great condition

    Intense 5.5 evp. fox RP23 shock. sun ringle expert tubeless set up with panaracer tires. new Answer stem and bars. 22-32 upfront and a 11-32 in the rear. kcm chain. hayes carbon brakes. shock was just serviced this past summer by fox. push industries linkage. only a couple of spots of cable rub...
  6. tidan

    For Sale Brand New 2014 Intense M9 frame

    Brand new, never built large Intense M9 frame. Frame without shock: $1500.00 With Cane Creek DB shock: $1750.00 With CCDB shock and RockShox World Cup Boxxer fork: $2300.00 Intense M9 with RockShox Worldcup Boxxer by tidan posted Aug 28, 2015 at 9:23 AMIntense M9 frame by tidan posted Aug 28...
  7. Buckeystarbreak

    For Sale 2013 Intense Carbine 27.5 Large Enve AM Wheels

    2013 Intense Carbine $3200 Frame size large Shock-2014 Fox CTD Fork-2013 Fox Float CTD Fit 150mm (Just rebuilt in January) Wheels-Enve AM with King hubs Tires-Maxxis HR2 2.4 in front and 2.3 in rear...tubeless Drivetrain-XT 2X10 (I just put on 38 Chainring and chain). Brakes-XT with almost new...
  8. U

    For Sale 2011 Banshee Legend MK2

    Frame: 2012 Banshee Legend MKII Fork: Manitou Dorado Pro Shock: Manitou Revox Pro w/ 300lb spring Rear Derailleur/Shifter: Shimano Saint Brakes: Hayes Stroker Ace Wheelset: Easton Havoc DH Handlebars: Answer ProTaper 760mm I am located in North Fontana, CA and work in Pasadena, CA so we can...
  9. BigHitComp04

    For Sale 2013 Intense M9 (650B compatible!)

    http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/1669063/ Best bike I've ever had but need to sell her for a team obligation next year.
  10. Orvan

    Socal Downhillers/rider- Intense Factory Parking Lot sales starts tomorrow.

    I never felt so bummed coming into Intense HQ to pick up a part. So bummed I'm broke to buy some of the stuff they were prepping for their first annual factory parking lot sale. DH related: They have M9 frames and bike to sell. The demo M9 bike price is to kill someone at the parking lot for...
  11. I

    M9 ride reports?

    anybody have a ride on one of these bad boys yet?
  12. W

    Intense support rocks

    I just wanted to give some props to the guys at Intense for helping me out. I needed a replacement lower link on my out of warranty 5.5 (damaged by salt and acids from perspiration). The part could have cost me but they hooked me up by sending me some take off part for free. This is not the...
  13. A

    best chainguide for 951

    im looking for a chainguide for my 951... the iscg mounts are definitely weak for taking hits from a "taco" style chainguide my bottom iscg mount hole has the first few rows of threads stripped out already...so... any recommendations? i have gamut p30/sunline in mind... my friend said...
  14. ivanfiestas

    Intense 951 owners: What springs are you running?

    Hi, since there is a little confusion about the spring rates that people should be using on their 951, I though we all could list here our specs, in this order. RIDER WEIGHT (WITHOUT GEAR) - SHOCK - SPRING RATE - SETTING OF INCHES (8 or 8.5) List of users and specs: Ivan...
  15. ivanfiestas

    My new Intense 951

    Hi guys, after two months waiting, today I finally got my new Intense 951 frame. I thought I would post some pics and a time lapse video after doing the job :thumb: Enjoy!
  16. noox

    Real Weight of Intense 951 Frameset

    Has anybody weighted a 951 frame (M) with Fox RC4 shock? I read that the M is 9.5 lbs/4.3 kg. At Slicklines they have weighted a 951 (L) with Cane Creek and steel spring and came up with 4908 g (10.82 pound). Where comes this big discrepancy? I cannot belive that the Cane Creek and the...
  17. dap

    New 951 (Large)

    Well, I finally got it built up and took a quick photo of it from my phone before it got too dark and I couldn't ride. Large Intense 951 Fox RC4 Marz 888rc2x (07) - going fox or boxxer Cane Creek XXc Holzfeller OCT/Howizter BB MRP Mini-G CrankBros XX (mags) 729 front / hadley (823 on way) 823...
  18. William42

    New Intense Tazer VP

    Just saw this over on MTBR.
  19. DaveyIntense

    Calling all intense riders lets see your bikes

    Please post photos of your Intense rigs so people can get an idea of builds and it will also help for break downs, what kit fits, E.T.C. Here is mine http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=96171315&albumID=2219825&imageID=30693034 Cheers