1. Transcend

    New World Disorder 9 Party

    The traditional mega blowout party every year here at Interbike is the Wednesday night launch of the latest New World Disorder film from the boys at Freeride Entertainment. This year Derek and crew were premiering their 9th installment: Never enough...
  2. Transcend

    Commencal Supreme DH Test Ride

    The 2009 Commencal Supreme DH is a bike you can grab out of the bike and go win a World Cup on, immediately. If you've got the skills to pay the bills, this bike will not let you down. The team replica version of the bike is specced with nothing but the absolute best and begs to be pointed...
  3. Transcend

    Mongose Boot'r Test Ride

    The Mongoose brand has been pushing hard for a come back the last few years and 2009 may very well be the year they get it done. The Boot’r team is Mongoose’s DH race bike and we managed to take it for a spin at the 2008 Interbike dirt demo and we were not left disappointed...
  4. Transcend

    Trek Session 88 Test ride

    One of the most anticipated downhill bikes in awhile was Trek’s new entry into the gravity end of the sport. The early prototype showed up at World Cups earlier this year under Nico Vink, and it is finally going to be available to the general public later this month as the 2009 Trek...
  5. Transcend

    Official RM Gravity Fed Interbike Thread

    So I am officially covering interbike (specifically the gravity side of it) for Ridemonkey. What do you guys want to see? Anything in particular at dirt demo, the indoor show etc?