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  1. demo 9

    My bars are too high?

    Little tricky question for you guys, this is regarding bar height. Usually i just set the bars where i want, but lately im having a little bit of trouble. Right now, i have spent most of my recent time riding my killswitch, it has 1 inch rise bars on it. the bars are LOW I planned to change...
  2. demo 9

    Advice from the east coasters

    Anywhere to race a slalom/4X hardtail anywhere around here. I ask because cleaning my basement, i have enough parts (except the frame/derailleur) to build up a 4x hardtail. I know there are slalom tracks, but for a hardtail to be efficient they have to be pretty smooth and groomed. Im racin...
  3. eaterofdog

    What makes you judge people instantly?

    When do you just judge the sh!t out of someone, maybe unfairly? Good or bad. The one I hate is to see a fat person smoking. I'm okay with fat and I'm okay with smoking, but if you do both, I think you are a disgusting glutton. Go for the bonus points and be an alcoholic too. The one I love...