1. szacsi72

    IronHorse Sunday DIY mudguard

    Hello guys! I've seen a lot of people who wanna make a mudguard, but don't know how. This thread may help! You'll need: -Knife/razor -Some material -Something to make holes Let's get started. First, you need to make a plan. Here is mine: Than use it as a template on your material. Mark...
  2. DownHell Racer

    For Sale Sunday

    I Don't want to sell my bike but tough times call for things you don't want to do. For sale is my Ironhorse Sunday Factory (the factory frame is hand welded and much lighter than any other Sunday frame) there are custom parts on my bike which make it one of a kind and there are very few things...
  3. A

    Hello, is Anodizing frames safe?

    Hey there, I search and understood that people here have been anodizing parts of their bike. I wanted to know if I can anodize my whole IronHorse Sunday 2005 frame? Does someone know about damage to weldings or something? another question: Should I strip everything? such as BB and...
  4. S.K.C.

    The Official Iron Horse Sunday / DW-Link Tech. & Tuning Section

    (*A door creaks open... light pours into a pitch-black room... a figure appears in the doorway*) (*the figure steps in, the door closes then total darkness*) (*footsteps are heard followed by the sound of a person tripping over a metal bucket then falling down a flight of stairs*) OW...OW...