joe the plumber

  1. N8 v2.0

    Election Nite Beverages?

    I have 2 40's of OE (Olde English 800) in a brown bag if obama wins I have a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 if mccain wins a win-win!
  2. I Are Baboon

    Does anyone here have to stand in line for hours to vote?

    I don't get this...I see on the news where people in some states have to wait hours and hours in line to cast their vote. Everytime I vote, it's 10 minutes max from the time I get out of my car until the time I get back in. The last presidential election, there were four people in line in...
  3. MMike

    McCain really is rude

    Jeebus he interrupts a lot.....debating 101....he should be disqualified