1. D

    Down gearing a single speed MTB

    Hey, I own a Haro Thread 1 2009 but I have a little problem. I bought it single speed as standard but the gearing is far too high for me. It is currently running a 16t cassette and a 34t chain ring and I was wondering how I could down gear it. I want to down gear it by quite a lot almost trials...
  2. M

    Specialized jump bike P2

    Hi, inspired by danny mcaskill I have decided to sell my bmx and buy a trial street bike. for around £300. i found a nice Specialized Jump Bike 2009 P2 on a particular auction site and was wondering what the people in this forum think of it? or if they think theres better bikes out there? any...
  3. v6 4.3

    Tubless on dirt jump/ urban bikes???

    Hey guys, I wanted to hear your thoughts on this. I have tubeless on my cross country bike and i'st the best. But on a DJ or urban bike I can imagine the tire blowing off on a gnarly wall ride or a sideways landing. Does anyone run tubeless on there Dj bike???
  4. If You Build It

    Dirt Jump Building - Techniques and Tips

    After hundreds of hours of building dirt jumps, I have learned a lot of little things the hard way: through trial and error. I'm starting this thread as a place to post all of the little building tips and tricks you've learned along the way so new builders and diggers can learn to do things...
  5. R

    Can't jump lips?

    Whenever I try to jump a table top or a jump with a steep lip/takeoff,I get thrown off to the side and crash. I can do huge jumps were they rely on speed rather than the lip, or were the takeoff is gradual but I can never do jumps with a steep takeoff. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or how to...
  6. N

    bottom bracket advice

    i have a brand new jawbone chapter 3 frame with a 68mm bb shell which is threaded at both ends looking to go with deity or gusset parts .stuck on what bottom bracket i need do i get a euro? american fitment??? advice please,
  7. V

    New BMX race track coming to Vancouver, WA

    A new BMX race track is being planned for Vancouver, WA. “Vancouver BMX” will be an 1,100 ft+ dirt race track with jumps and berms which welcomes all bmx / dirt jumpers / mountain bikers / four cross / etc. A new website is up! www.vancouverbmxracing.com - please check it out **There...
  8. B

    The Perfect Bike?

    So it's that time again in my life; Time to buy a new bike!! :rockout: But. . I can't decide which frame to go with because I can't afford a Downhill bike AND a dedicated Freeride bike so. . My question is this: In your humble opinions, Which frame feels great on Downhill but doesn't...
  9. C

    Need Help Chosing Parts For A DJ Bike

    I'm planning on building a DJ bike that is SS with 24" wheels so it needs to be fairly light but also stong. I quite like the look of the yeti DJ 2009 or the DMR transition purple has anyone had any experiences with either of these frames? Also i would like to have some Halo SAS wheels and i...
  10. R

    Need help!!

    Hey guys, I have a 20in. bmx dirt jumper.For some reason when I go off some of the jumps I tilt the bike unintentionally in midair thus making me crash.For example if you where looking straight at me jumping from being then the bike would be like a forward slash in midair like the bike would be...
  11. E

    Looking at buying a new DJ - Opinions?

    Hey, I am looking at some more high range DJ bikes and wondering if anybody has preferences and why. Would prefer Hydraulic brakes and single speed (fox shox also!) I could say my budget is generous.. ;) I was interested in buying a '10 Giant STP SS but they aren't sold in Australia! :mad...
  12. C

    Crankworx Slopestyle Video

    The boys out huckin' for glory Crankworx Colorado Slopestyle Video
  13. B


    so i finally got my T-Rails running after all the winter damage, put in a speed check roller in the start, workin on a 270 berm to roll in, to future big downhill sets, ill prop up some riding pictures when i get someone around to hold the camera. start- middle pack- hip lander to hook-