1. N

    Black Rock, Oregon HD Video - Downhill

    Natural Terrain presents its first mountain biking action video featuring Cary Adams and Micah Meyers riding at Black Rock, Oregon. Natural Terrain is a new outdoor action sport and recreation company with the purpose of promoting and encouraging outdoor sports and recreational activities. This...
  2. mtbforlife1

    Giant Reign x1 vs Trek Slash vs Norco Truax

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bike that I can pump around XC trails, or to the top of a mountain, but still have a wicked time on the decent, and not worry about not having enough travel. What one of these bikes would you suggest? I'm open to suggestions if anybody has another bike they would...
  3. Dirty Maestro

    Distracted Vid =)

    Finally got a short edit done for the Get Dirty 20?24?26 Clothing Series. I've been so busy diggin, shaping and everything trails...... This season has been a blast!
  4. Dirty Maestro

    Distracted Riding Pics =)

    Here's a few pics from this season....Enjoy =) http://distractedsite.com/
  5. R

    Don't know where to post this,but need advice?

    I have some dirt jumps about 8 miles from me,the only person I dirt jump with(also my best friend) and I have mopeds and I said we can just strap the bikes to them and drive there,yet he insists on biking the whole 8 miles on bmx bike because he is afraid of his bike falling off. Do you think it...

    PA Woods Catty Jump Jam Sept 4th, rain date 5 or 6th

    Come on out NEXT SATURDAY and ride some of the best trails/jump lines in the country. Flowy jumps, groomed berms, swag, grilled food, pay whatever you want to donate to the Catty Trails, located in Catasauqua, just outside allentown (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catasauqua,_Pennsylvania)...
  7. S

    Black diamond jumps rebuilt!!!!

    The jumps formally at black diamond that were torn down about a year ago are being rebuilt. The church that took the jumps out before are now not only willing to let us build there agian, but they are in full support with the help of local builders and the evergreen mountain bike alliance, to...
  8. T

    Sweet Black Diamond (WA) Trails!

    Y'all: Hopefully I can catch the flak on this issue, because I'm intentionally putting myself in the way. If you don't ride down near Black Diamond, across from the Lake Sawyer trails, you can probably ignore this. If you DO ride there, on the other side of WA SR 169, on the Real Life...
  9. cheetaprowlerDH

    Our Newest Projects...

    well we finally started putting up new stuff in Calaveras and so far its been siick! weve got some new trails and now these new kickers along with some remodeled ones... and finally a spot to hang out out of the sun! the spot: remodeled lip: hipper: stepdowns: drop: 35...

    Post your "going big air" or road gap photo!

    Post your "going big air" or road gap photo! Let the sickness begin........... - - - - -