1. A-NON-A

    Khs factory rider - kevin aiello

    We did a full feature on Kevin Aiello and the awesome results the team, "Q" has put together, has had this season. Check it out ... http://www.thedirtywheel.com/feature.html
  2. KHS Bicycles

    2009 KHS Velvet on sale for $1,549!

    Hey everyone! We at KHS Canada just wanted to let you know we've got a great deal on our 2009 Velvet Bikes. Currently they are on sale for $1,549 at Canadian dealers, down from the regular of $2,600! Just head on out to your local dealer and give it a ride! Ontario -...
  3. metalchef87

    Bike Brand Questions

    So I have been looking for a good, affordable mountain bike and I think I found one at my LBS that I want to get. I just need some help deciding if it is a brand that will last a few years, or if I should just spend some extra dough and get a more expensive bike. The bike is here...