kill your tv

  1. Dog Welder

    Deadwood + Porn + 300 = Spartacus: Blood and Sand

    Best show I've seen in a looooong time since The Shield.
  2. jimmydean

    Why do so many of my friends watch Fox News?

    And not for the same hilarious reasons I do, either. A good friend of mine that I have known since kindergarten became a fan of Glenn Beck on facebook a few weeks back. I gave him a little grief about how I loved his wacky antics on his show. Then yesterday he saw I became a fan of Palin (as...
  3. stosh

    Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Ax Men

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. jimmydean

    Jersey Shore.

    Wow, it was like meth! I wanted to turn the channel, I wanted to look away, but I was hooked! 4 guidos and 4 bimbos living in a house on the shore. It goes so far beyond anything reality TV could have reached before. Yes, I watched the entire first episode and can't wait for the next one...
  5. MMike

    I must be a homosexual

    So I admit it. I've been watching "Glee". I had initially been intrigued because it has Jane whatshername from Best in Show and Two and a half men. She's hilarious. Turns out she's not in it that much. The plot to the show is completely ridiculous. But whoever is doing the singing (I...
  6. Kntr

    Kanye West at VMA

  7. Serial Midget

    Parking Wars...

    Anyone watch this on A&E? I just caught this tonight and was amazed at how ****ty the city of Philadelphia is represented by the parking authorities. Just one episode is enough to make me not spend any tourist dollars there. The ladies behind the impound cages make my balls hurt. :monkey:
  8. TN

    LARGE scale

    I found out we got approval for a digital outdoor campaign. So I get to design my first billboard. I am stoked. :monkeydance: