kill yourself

  1. T

    Truck brake pads

    I need new pads and roters, the stock one kind of suck, being that the truck is kind of old and there are drums in back. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with some EBC pads, my question is, are getting vented rotors really worth the money?
  2. eric strt6

    texting and driving, Bad

    especially when the traffic stops in front of you then you look up and turn into the guardrail as you go into a spin [for the bay area guys SB 680 at El Charro today]
  3. T

    Changing my major

    Right now I am majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in political science. The problem I am having is I am super bored in math. I feel like I am entirely wasting my time, I am taking a calculus class right now and half way through the semester we are still revueing stuff that I learned...
  4. AngryMetalsmith

    More fun with guessing

    I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 3. Can anyone guess ?