1. Full Trucker

    New Zealand Mountain Biking... suggestions anyone?

    Alright, since there's no "NZ" forum on here, but I know that at least a couple Monkies are either from NZ or have travelled there, I'm posting this up to see what ya'll say. I'll probably X-post in the DH forum just in case, we'll see what response I get here. The dealio: Me and my...
  2. Toshi

    New Zealand

    kiwi and wannabe-kiwi monkies, please help me out: i'm tentatively planning to travel to new zealand this upcoming (northern hemisphere) spring. april 15-26, including travel time. - is this enough time given the travel days on either end? - airfare looks like it'll be about $1600 round...
  3. Damo

    Goodbye everyone, it's been swell.

    The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was fired up this morning at 9:30 our time (2 1/2 hours ago). This device is going to create mini black holes only half an hour away from where I live. Results are expected in 30 days time. Link Video People are holding 'End Of The World' parties in...