1. A

    2009 Marzocchi 888 service info.

    Hello everyone, I am currently building a DH/Freeride bike for a friend, and it is a 2009 Kona Garbanzo Primo, the bike came with a Marzochhi 888 fork, and I want to do a full service on it before it hits the trail. I am having a hard time finding specific info on this fork, if anyone has some...
  2. KenW449

    Great deal or sketchy?

    As MTBers, there are not a lot of things that can sketch us out as much as buying a used bike. I'm fairly new to the biking world but I'm growing quickly and learning how to handle my bike more efficiently and learning what it is capable of. Its a DB Release 1, trail bike I bought new and have...
  3. C

    For Sale 2003 Kona Stinky - Saint/Pike/XTR/ChrisKing

    For sale is an old but very much hooked up 2003 Kona Stinky. Size is LARGE, appropriate for someone in the 5' 9" to 6' 2" range. 6" travel in the rear, 5.5" travel in the front, both coil. Component highlights: Saint calipers, rotors, derailleur, and rear hub Chris King 20mm thru-axle front...
  4. P

    For Sale Kona Hei Hei Deluxe

    Only has 4 rides on it! Email Fer at mejia.arroyo@gmail.com Frame: Kona Race light Carbon Size: 15.5" Shock: Fox Float CTD Evolution Fork: Fox Float 32 CTD Evolution 120mm QR15 Saddle: WTB Volt Comp Stem: Kona XC Rims: Stan's ZTR Rapid 25 Tubless ready Tires: Maxxis Ikon 29x2.2 In the...
  5. C

    For Sale 2009 Kona CoilAir Custom

    2009 Kona CoilAir. The bike is in excellent condition, it was my wife's bike and she never really ended up riding it more than once or twice a year on XC trails. Can't justify it sitting around the garage any longer plus it was too much bike for her trails anyway. I'm asking 1600 but am open...
  6. GravityBolivia

    A Collection of Great Biking Pictures Day 1

    From the family of Gravity Bolivia, we want to share this collection of great pictures, feel free to comment them, tell us what you think or what they make you feel, you can also share and tag any of your friends so they can check them out. This is there first album out of and extense...
  7. Bog Dogs

    Tested and Crashed some 2011 bikes this weekend

    My brother and I went to NembaFest at Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire to ride and demo some bikes. The four we tried were the Scott Spark & Genius and the Kona Coilair & Abra Cadabra. We took turns on the bikes, tried different terrains and I wrote short reviews for anyone who might be...
  8. chance199

    new Rear Derailleur?

    so my local shop told me i need anew one, so im looking at getting e new one. i was wondering what you guys think is a good one for FR and DH. i was thinking maybe going short cage..but i dont know too much about a short cage one. i have 2006 Kona Stinky Deluxe if that matters. so whats your...
  9. chance199

    new video

    riding in port orchard and at Colonnade. im still a beginner haha tell me what i could im prove on (: yeah the picture at the end is only there so you could hear the whole song haha
  10. chance199

    Fox DHX 4.0 question

    so i was riding today and was jumping down this: and off the first bit i kept maxing out or i guess you could bottoming out the shock. i need to know how i might be able to help stop by changing the rebound or maybe preload? any ideas? sorry on crappy quality, taken with my camera...
  11. S

    New shop in Bryson City

    Hey, there is a new shop located only 15 minutes from the famed Tsali singletrack. Come by and check out our stuff. We carry Marin and Kona, along with Eastern BMX. We are brand new, only 8 weeks here, but we are here to help. We will be completely involved with Tsali trail work, racing in...
  12. chance199

    haha this is how bad i am

    aren't you proud of my crappiness? (: FYI: im a beginner. (:
  13. chance199

    what bikes do you have?

    mine: 06 Stinky Deluxe
  14. E

    RedBull/Kona Stumps, Clump, Jumps Tour Hits Seattle!

    The "Red Bull Stumps, Clump and Jumps" tour hits the west coast August 13-31st with some of freeride's biggest stars climbing in the RV and hitting the road. The tour kicks off on Thursday in Whistler, B.C. at Crankworx and culminates in the City by the Bay - San Francisco. Along the way...
  15. RSutton1223

    HD Helmet Cam Footage

    Got a chance to play with my new ContourHD from VholdR at a little local spot. This cam blows my VIO 1.5 and GoPro 5mp away by a large margin. Bike was a Kona Coilair Supreme. Camera was on my head via the goggle mount. I think the surface mount is going to have better results and get rid of...
  16. sstalder5

    Manitou Travis v. RS Boxxer v. Marzocchi 888

    Trying to decide on a fork for my new build. The frame is an '07 Kona Stinky Primo: