1. Bog Dogs

    The Pride of Carrying the American Flag

    This is a somewhat personal story. I come from a very patriotic family but when I was 19 years old I failed to live up to one of their expectations. 18 years later I found redemption at a BMX track. Veterans will probably be able to relate to this - The Pride of Carrying the Flag <admin edit...
  2. eric strt6

    now this is a movie I want to go see

  3. noox

    Real Weight of Intense 951 Frameset

    Has anybody weighted a 951 frame (M) with Fox RC4 shock? I read that the M is 9.5 lbs/4.3 kg. At Slicklines they have weighted a 951 (L) with Cane Creek and steel spring and came up with 4908 g (10.82 pound). Where comes this big discrepancy? I cannot belive that the Cane Creek and the...
  4. Dylan Dean

    BIKE SHOP names...

    soooooo... another one of my pet projects finally coming to fruition is a new bike shop here in my town (Escondido, California). ...yah, that’s all I need is ANOTHER job! Haha… but it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’ve already been helping my dad out with his recumbent trike shop, it’s a fairly...

    i spy...

    do you see it? i love p-kill
  6. DirtyMike

    Sorry guys..... Gotta do it

    Going to plug some sponsors. Got some newer goodies, gonna brag and talk about them First off, Got my EVS WB01 Wrist braces in, rode with them yesterday.... Great feel, they didnt induce any arm pump, gave me a damn near full range of motion stopped my wrists where needed, let them move...
  7. Wumpus

    I'm selling my TT bike...

    I was digging around in the trailer and came across this. Make me an offer.
  8. narlus


    saw one of the original punk bands last night (no, Chicodude, MxPx wasn't playing)... http://www.prefixmag.com/photos/wire-middle-east-cambridge-ma-photos/ Wire still rocks. great show.
  9. jimmydean

    Affliction Banned MMA

    Wow, what a steaming pile of suck that was. I liked seeing Arlovski beat the piss out of that dude from IFL, and I don't mind paying to see Tim Silvia get his ass handed to him. But overall that was a lot of suck. Hell, even Dave Mustaine sounded like ass. He still has licks, but his voice...
  10. JohnE

    For Burley...

    How you like this? From the heart of the beast...DUMP REX... http://www.suntimes.com/sports/mariotti/1065614,mariotti072108.article (I couldnt care either way, honestly...)
  11. jimmydean

    Silva knocked the boy out!

    Wow, what a solid right hand (from a south paw no less). Says he will stick with 185, but is open o fights in 205. A great knockout, but sort of disappointing.
  12. jimmydean

    UFC Newz

    Anderson Silva moving up to 205 on Spike July 19th. Holy crap, that dude is bad ass.