1. tidan

    For Sale Brand New 2014 Intense M9 frame

    Brand new, never built large Intense M9 frame. Frame without shock: $1500.00 With Cane Creek DB shock: $1750.00 With CCDB shock and RockShox World Cup Boxxer fork: $2300.00 Intense M9 with RockShox Worldcup Boxxer by tidan posted Aug 28, 2015 at 9:23 AMIntense M9 frame by tidan posted Aug 28...
  2. dap

    New 951 (Large)

    Well, I finally got it built up and took a quick photo of it from my phone before it got too dark and I couldn't ride. Large Intense 951 Fox RC4 Marz 888rc2x (07) - going fox or boxxer Cane Creek XXc Holzfeller OCT/Howizter BB MRP Mini-G CrankBros XX (mags) 729 front / hadley (823 on way) 823...
  3. ustemuf

    For Sale 2013 Evil Undead Large

    Up for sale is an Evil Undead in Large size. I have ridden this frame since last October and it shreds everything. This thing just wants to pick up speed! Super supple top end, great pedaling platform, bottomless feel on the big hits - the dual progressive leverage curve works. The frame is in...