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  1. TN

    Sometimes the bar eats you....

    Gonna miss Phish's 2 night stop @ Alpine Valley this summer cuz we will be at a f'n wedding in Baltimore. Their first tour in 10 years. :rant::banghead::huh::bonk::rant::rant:
  2. MMike

    Eh! Mon ami! Aimes-tu les.....

    ....potatoes? TAC is in english now! Not quite as funny as the original french, but still pretty good...... http://www.tetesaclaques.tv/index.php Willi Waller GOLD EDITION!!
  3. MMike

    Jeremy R and Westy sure are funny!

    Who's with me!?!?!?
  4. loco-gringo

    What's up with all the ass kissing???

    Why do people constantly confirm that Westy and JeremyR are funny??? It's like calling "car back" on a road ride along the frontage road in rush hour. We get it. We have gotten it for like 5 years. They are both comic geniuses with stupid fast wit. I don't mind props, but for cryin' out loud...