local jumps

  1. ImILL

    Dirt Jumping/Pump Track near Philadelphia, PA???

    Whats Up, I'm new in the area and I am looking for a spot either in or near Philadelphia to go Dirt Jumping, Does anyone know of any spots? I'm willing to drive 30 min away if necessary Thanks
  2. S

    Black diamond jumps rebuilt!!!!

    The jumps formally at black diamond that were torn down about a year ago are being rebuilt. The church that took the jumps out before are now not only willing to let us build there agian, but they are in full support with the help of local builders and the evergreen mountain bike alliance, to...
  3. H

    Local bike parks and jumps?

    hey im new to ride monkey Can someone give me a list of bike parks(or any local concord or walnut creek jumps) within around an hour driving from concord? I reely doubt that anyone is going to tell me about local jumps because no one likes their jumps gettin torn down or dozed.