loco has smelly poo poo

  1. loco-gringo

    Christmas in July...

    I'll take the lead on this deal. For those perverts that have to send porn and booze, perhaps we should have Christmas in July. I'll take Stosh's job of matching it all up. To appease Dirt and the other uppity old men, we should mandate 21 and over. If there is a question about age, we...
  2. loco-gringo

    Solicitors...no, not hookers.

    So some guy comes in to try and sell movie passes. I asked if he wanted to buy a bike. He said "no". I told him we sell bikes here, not buy movie passes. He got pissed and left. WTF do these guys think is going to happen??? Here's a news flash, I'm smart and I'll find you if I want to buy your sh*t.