loco sucks yet again

  1. eaterofdog

    Who are the most insufferable aholes?

    I'm sure I missed some. Not a bad start though.
  2. Total Heckler

    Work Fail?!

    I walked into the kitchen to make my lunch and found this... :banghead: NOOOOOOO!!!!!
  3. sstalder5

    What should I major in??

    Ok so I really only have a broad idea of what I want to do after college, Im interested in sciences mainly biology, anatomy, and psychology. But I'm also interested in law, so I really have no idea..
  4. mandown

    WTF? Does everybody have a sandy-V these days?

    It appears that a growing number of "friends" have become inept at cultivating pearls, and the edgy grains of sand in their clams have spawned an onslaught of childlike whining heretofore unseen in these lands. Am I just getting old and leathery, or did they start tainting the water supply in...
  5. loco-gringo

    I'm going to just say it...

    some of you assholes have talked about bacon so much in the last 2 years that I find myself not even craving it. You have taken the most desirable meat on the planet and made it so common and mundane that it's sickening. Congratulations on breaking the world. :rant:
  6. loco-gringo

    No message??? F*#k you.

    I am so sick of telemarketers calling for the owner 6 Goddamned times a day. I recognize your voice, bitch. Stop calling. I told you the first 5 times that I would take a message. If you can't bother with that, f*#k off. I don't have time for you. You won't allow me to even be your personal...