loco sucks

  1. two-buttons-moar-shimz-loco-sucks.jpg


    Moar Shimz Loco Suck Two Button Meme
  2. JohnE

    I like bacon!

    So I have dealt with Jenson a few times in the past...got into a pissing contest over shipping fees a few years ago (Free shipping to APO...I am in Germany, with an APO box. I order a bunch of stuff and they wont waive the shipping because they say I dont have a valid APO box because the zip...
  3. Pesqueeb

    -Hey Syadasti, can we call this irony?

  4. sstalder5

    I know nobody cares about cyclocross, but...

    My school is the best at it :D http://lmcbobcats.com/article.asp?articleID=2980
  5. golgiaparatus

    2 tires, 2 days, 2 sidewall tears.

    Specialized S-Works... The Captain. Brand new tire mounted to rear, sidewall failed... shop replaced for free. Next day, same type of failure, tire age = 7+ hours... Damn, No more Specialized tires on my bikes.
  6. loco-gringo

    Hippies stink.

    They just stink. I don't care if you bath or not, patchouli is not a f*#king cologne. :rant:
  7. golgiaparatus

    Should I do it.

    Epic 29er 2010 model on big sale... oh the wife is gonna strangle me with a brake cable.
  8. sstalder5

    What should I major in??

    Ok so I really only have a broad idea of what I want to do after college, Im interested in sciences mainly biology, anatomy, and psychology. But I'm also interested in law, so I really have no idea..
  9. BadDNA

    It's a cold Friday...

    how about a little cowbell to keep warm with?
  10. loco-gringo

    I am a homo...

    I just saw him online for the first time in a long while, so I think we should all tell him he's gay. Oh...we still hate MMike for you too. :thumb:
  11. loco-gringo


    Just found a site that posted a ton of authorized bootlegs from some Americana artists. Awesome stuff. It's like being at a show with my notebook. Celebrate with me, people.
  12. loco-gringo

    What's up with all the ass kissing???

    Why do people constantly confirm that Westy and JeremyR are funny??? It's like calling "car back" on a road ride along the frontage road in rush hour. We get it. We have gotten it for like 5 years. They are both comic geniuses with stupid fast wit. I don't mind props, but for cryin' out loud...