1. Inclag

    You people in the Mid Atlantic!

    Did you make a deal with the devil? Give us back our snow! :rant:
  2. jonKranked

    Juggalo Fail

  3. jimmydean

    Jersey Shore.

    Wow, it was like meth! I wanted to turn the channel, I wanted to look away, but I was hooked! 4 guidos and 4 bimbos living in a house on the shore. It goes so far beyond anything reality TV could have reached before. Yes, I watched the entire first episode and can't wait for the next one...
  4. Brian HCM#1

    Raiders Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3-8 this year baby!!!!! One win away from tying a 6 year best:thumb:
  5. T

    One of my friends is about to get beat up

    One of my pretty good friends and some of his other friends (who I can't stand) have started a little crew (almost like a street gang that isn't in it for the money) in a local music scene. These kids are a bunch of rich suburban white kids who are trying to act tough, they are rollin around...
  6. loco-gringo

    Roger Federer is teh awesome!!!!

    Wow. If you are a tennis fan, you won't find a more riveting final. Ever.