losers convention

  1. sstalder5

    Oh Noes!!!! sstalder5 made another eff da po-lice thread!!!

    Well not exactly eff da police... more like :rofl::rofl::rofl: @ the police Ok, so everyone on here should know the hilarity associated with poorly drawn male genitalia :p *NSFW?:confused:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_AWF4_Tmgris/Sf_Amx4uOGI/AAAAAAAAAXc/JdS5Hghebxs/S240/150_2.jpg So the past...
  2. cannondalejunky

    is it eves or ease dropping

    we're having an argument here at work, between whether or not it's eves dropping or ease dropping. so i'm relying on the monkey to settle it.
  3. MMike

    Out of curiosity....(Coors, Axe, Bud etc... camps)

    So I've seen these commercials for these supposed camps... apparently busting at the seems with hot chicks. What exactly goes on? Are the chicks hookers? Strippers? or the much-preferred chicks with low esteem who drink a lot? Are you guaranteed to get some? Or is it just a few days a...