1. sstalder5

    No offence Manimal, It's another eff da po-lice thread.

    So just now I stopped at Harris Teeter to grab some noms on my way home, and as I walked in, I saw a small bag of some nasty looking pot on the floor, since I wouldn't have touched it even if I did still smoke, i kept walking. As I was walking out, the guy in front of me picked it up. He ended...
  2. sanjuro

    Chinese Doping Scandals

    Well, I watch China dominate certain strength and endurance sports, I think to myself about the resources of a super power dedicated to beating doping controls. I found these two articles about Chinese Doping: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,24062393-2722,00.html...
  3. TN

    Geeks: How much you got hanging?

    How many gigs do you have on you right now. Winner gets a fistful of flowers. I have 8 gigs hanging around my neck. :D
  4. S


    Well beer has tons of threads, and now cigars have there own thread, so what the hell. How many of you guys smoke pot? Whats your prefered method of smoking? (blun,t joint, bong.. ect) Also anyone know any good recipes with pot?