1. troy

    Fox 34 GRIP valving: E-bike vs Regular vs Pike Select? 150+ 27.5

    Hey guys, I'm building an enderpo bike. I'm looking for a 160mm travel fork. Found a new (2019), dirt cheap Fox 34 with GRIP damper and 140mm travel. It is an E-bike version tho, with thicker stanchions and so on. Much heavier than the regular one (2100g~). From what I have seen on Fox...
  2. B

    Rock Shox Dual Position Air forks - can I jump in lowered mode?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting the 2014 Lyrik DPA - but instead of using the low travel mode for climbs only, I'd like to ride it most of the time and use full travel occasionally at steeper descents. Will I have any issues with it? I'll probably do lots of jumps and rough stuff. I've heard...
  3. B

    Charger damper in RS Yari?

    Hi, Long time lurker finally turned poster.. I have short question for the suspension people, is there any reason why I couldn't drop a Charger damper into the Yari RC forks? It seems to be a combination of a Lyrik chassis and an 'updated' (whatever that might mean) Motion Control damper...