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    Vicious Path II - MADproductions

    The MADproductions crew is back with another mountain bike Project. ‘Vicious Path II’ is the second movie from the ‘Vicious Path’ series, with BikeZone. The first movie was about the first vertical meters from Pico do Areeiro till Alegria. Now it’s time to enter the...
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    The playground, Pedro Silva

    Building new tracks can bring new perspectives to mountain bike movies. So, i asked Pedro Silva to build something new, something that he would enjoy riding. For three days he got up at 7:00 am to work on his 'backyard' alone. Here's the result of his pure power of will. This is the playground...
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    MADnickness - the movie

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. So, to introduce myself here's my newest video. The rider is Nicholas Sousa, sponsored by Nicolai Super Adrenalina. It was filmed in Madeira Island, Portugal. Here's the link, and the pinkbike link. Hope you enjoy it :thumb: