1. Carraig042

    Manitou to make Comeback?

    It looks like they are working on a proper upto 180mm fork (enduro bro) with 37mm stanchions coming in at under 2000g. As found on NSMB. Could be interesting!
  2. B

    For Sale Balfa Minuteman

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to sell my Balfa Minuteman. It is a complete hard tail in good condition with great parts. Just needs a little love and a caring owner. I can get more specifics for you as requested, but the base components are the frame, Sherman Flick front fork (110-150mm...
  3. Kalbi777

    Manitou-dorado Questions...

    Hi guys ! I'm new to this forum with seams great so hello to anyone. I bought a new dorado maybe 2-3 months back. when I put my front wheel in the fork and I followed the instructions on how to align the fork legs to prevent internal friction. My wheel is closer to one fork leg. I also realized...
  4. D

    manitou swinger 4 way coil

    i just bought a manitou swinger 4 way coil shock. it came with a 400 pound spring. I had a manitou swinger 3 way coil with a 500 pound spring but i blew it, so hence the 4-way. When i got it i put it on and i cud compress it by just sitting on it even with 150 psi. im not light but im not the...
  5. Patan-DH

    Intrinsic Tuning thread

    The Manitou Travis is IMO an exelent race fork, with a weight of 7pounds-3175gr (Ti sprung) and with a really stiff and durable chassis, if we add a reasonable good price that makes a good race fork for people in a short budget. I have not found many threads talking about this fork (exluding...
  6. sstalder5

    Manitou Travis v. RS Boxxer v. Marzocchi 888

    Trying to decide on a fork for my new build. The frame is an '07 Kona Stinky Primo: