1. golgiaparatus

    Race team benefits.

    So my decent placing at the last race has prompted one of the teams here in town to ask me to race for them... what kinds of benefits does one typically receive as part of a team... shop discount, race entry fees, team kit, etc, etc? I'm just guessing. Just curious as I've never raced for a team...
  2. K

    Bunnyhops and Wheelies

    Hey...it seems like no matter how much i practice, I still can not bunnyhop or balance my wheelie......Is there something that i'm doing wrong??? Whats your guys' techniques... How did you guys learn to bunnyhop so high? Thanks
  3. H

    Dorado 05, Exposed/Service manual

    I know this is a few years late but I also know that there is a few Old Dorados alive out there. This is a work in progress and some words are missing, some of the pictures may come in handy anyway! Spelling/word help is appreciated...